Every designer takes risks — where would they be if they didn’t? But sometimes they take that idea a bit too far, and all you can do is ask, “Why?” Whether it’s an outlandish outfit on the runway, an unsavory invitation, or a weird party favor or prop, there were plenty of designers who presented us with fodder for that pesky unanswered question this season.

Mark Montano’s models playing with jeweled toy guns.

At Halston, the too-long gowns and pants that made the models trip.

At Puffy Combs’s Sean John show, the perplexing video featuring footage of slain civil rights leaders and deceased rapper Biggie Smalls. Then, in an ironic twist, Puffy inserted footage of his former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez frolicking at the beach (drawn from her latest video). Could this have been a peek into the designer’s subconscious?

Why send a model out when she’s in the middle of a crying jag? Raica walked Cynthia Steffe’s runway literally in tears.

The canned energy drink given away at Private Circle that featured a photo of porn star Taylor Moore. We all know that the label is owned by an adult entertainment company, but do they really want to advertise that fact?

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