Byline: Andrea M. Grossman

NEW YORK — It’s the start of a new year for most, but for Seth Ratner, it’s the beginning of a “new day,” or as he spells it — Noode.
Noode, the name for the the skin care company and product line founded by Ratner last year, is an 11-stockkeeping-unit line that’s scheduled to enter Bloomingdale’s and Henri Bendel on March 1. With products ranging from mud masks to body oils, Noode targets Generation Me — a combination of Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers who seek out products, restaurants and other entertainment and consumables specially crafted for them.
“Its point of differentiation is its attention to the science aspect, rather than the cosmetics aspect to treating skin,” said Ratner, who serves as Noode’s vice president of sales. “I always felt there was a niche in the marketplace to bring together the creative know-how of a fun, cool skin care line that’s serious and effective.”
Ratner, former associate vice president of Zirh Skin Nutrition, a male skin care company acquired by Shiseido in spring 2000, plans to use his prior experience at Zirh — also a niche skin care company — to help get Noode to its first-year sales goal of $1.7 million.
“We are focusing on building a relationship with stores. At retail, there will be testers, heavy sampling, brochures and literature, and training for store employees, so Noode doesn’t lose the level of seriousness we want to generate,” Ratner said.
Catchy names for Noode’s different sku’s are aimed to appeal directly to its target market.
“Our focal point when designing Noode was finding out what 15- to 29-year-olds want today. They are consumers concerned about ‘me’ and want products exclusively for ‘me,”‘ Ratner said.
Hence, all of Noode’s products incorporate the word ‘me’ in their names. There’s Rub Me massage oil or Make Me Moist body moisturizer, for example.
To stay on track with Noode’s target market, Ratner did not incorporate sun protection factors into formulas.
“Our audience likes to get color. They generally don’t need SPF for daily activity and their skin is not in the condition that will get dried out. Noode is geared toward a youthful market,” Ratner said.
Price points for Noode begin at $15 for Rub Me massage oil and Scrub Me Harder body wash. Clean Me facial wash and Wash Me Everywhere body wash will retail for $15.50. Scrub Me Gently facial wash is $17.25; Make Me Moist body moisturizer is $17.50; a Heal and Protect mask, Make Me Soft facial moisturizer and a hair conditioner, Condition Me Deeply, will retail for $18.50 each; a glycolic facial peel is priced at $19.75; and an acne product, Help Me Zit Zapper, will be $20.

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