If the supporters of Save Venice put as much work into preserving the city as they did into their costumes at Friday night’s futuristic-themed ball at Cipriani 42nd Street, Venice should be well above ground in the next few years. No plume was too large, no ballgown too ornate, and no homemade creation too outlandish for the masked marauders.
“We’re ‘Dances with Wolves’ meets year 3000,” laughed Tatiana Boncompagni with her date, Max Hoover, who had their animal skin outfits and glittery blue wigs custom-made.
Transformed into a dramatic commedia dell’arte ballroom with red lighting and a throbbing soundtrack, the setting provided an ideal venue for the evening’s main activity — people-watching.
Felicia Ramsey, who came with Dylan Brown, was unrecognizable in her black feathered mask. “I keep having to take it off to talk so I don’t scare people,” she laughed.
Marjorie Gubelmann, one of the few who opted for a hand-held mask, came by hers courtesy of Nadja Swarovski.
“I told Nadja that I didn’t have a mask, and she said ‘what color’s your dress? I’ll have one made.’ How’s that for a friend?”
Amanda Mosle Friedman and Hieronymus von Durckheim created their own “Star Wars”-meets-Venice chic. “We’re space age Renaissance,” said Friedman with a whip of her green light saber.
Following dessert and a performance from the flame-throwing jugglers, the carnival morphed into a disco, and the guests hit the dance floor — unmasked.
Emma Askari was particularly happy to remove the bobbing space age turban that kept her fellow dinner guests puzzled. “Everyone keeps telling me it looks like the symbol for HBO,” she said.

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