Byline: Robert Murphy

PARIS — For luxe hosiery maker Wolford, comfort should be logical.
At least that’s the thinking behind the Bregenz, Austria-based firm’s new waistband-free pantyhose called Logic, which will bow in stores worldwide on Jan. 15.
Wolford executives claim Logic will give women an unparalleled level of comfort in hosiery.
“It’s designed to feel like a second skin,” said Frank Halard, president of Wolford France. “The concept is really quite revolutionary because, traditionally, hosiery has not been a women’s most comfortable accessory. We expect Logic to shake up the industry.”
Halard explained that unlike traditional hosiery, which is usually held up with an elastic waistband, the 100 percent Lycra spandex Logic uses an innovative weaving technique that keeps the hose in place.
“Let’s face it, waistbands are very uncomfortable,” noted Halard. “So, to do away with it was the first step. But we had to come up with a technological answer.”
After two years of research and development, Wolford hit upon the right formula: a dense weave with a high level of lateral tension.
Halard said that besides being comfortable, Logic also allows women to wear the hosiery at different levels on their hips.
“It can be worn either high or low on the hips,” he said. “It is completely adaptable to the type of clothing a woman is wearing.”
Although Wolford declined to provide sales projections, Halard said the firm expects Logic will be a “big hit.” Pre-sales of the product have been “very strong,” he said.
Initially, Logic will be available only as a sheer. Although Halard admitted that Wolford has yet to master transposing the technology employed in Logic to other fabrics, he said the company already is working on adapting the technology.
“The scope of the evolution depends on the initial market reaction to Logic,” he said.
Logic will be sold in Wolford units, department stores and other existing Wolford retail accounts around the world. It will retail for roughly $23 a pair and will be available in 18 colors, from black to more seasonal hues like pink and green.
Wolford will not accompany the launch with an advertising campaign, but has opted for a word-of-mouth approach.
“Once the message gets out there, women will want to try Logic,” Halard said. “When women discover their hosiery can be more comfortable, they will be eager to give Logic a spin.”
Wolford has stuck to its traditional model of featuring photos of models wearing the product on the packaging, something the firm has been doing since 1963.
“It says: ‘No, this is not my skin, but a pair of hose,”‘ Halard explained. In the past, Wolford has called on celebrated photographers, including Helmut Newton, to produce packaging and advertising images. Logic was lensed by French photographer Bruno Biseing.
“The hosiery market has been rather flat lately,” said Halard. “Logic promises to give the industry a shot in the arm.”

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