NEW YORK — A planned shift of Shiseido’s board of directors will result in added responsibilities for Isao Isejima, now head of the American operations for the company. Isejima will now also head Shiseido’s European sales division.
Under the reorganization, Shiseido has created a new management position, called corporate officers, beginning in June.
The corporate officers will serve on the management committee, while the new board of directors will be responsible for oversight, according to a statement from the company. In order to clearly distinguish the roles of directors and corporate officers, the board of directors’ titles will be changed to representative directors and directors, and the 13 directors who are also corporate officers will be known by their executive titles. An additional 17 executives will be known as corporate officers for various divisions.
In addition to Isejima’s shift in responsibility, Akira Gemma, Shiseido’s president and chief executive officer, will now be known as representative director/chairman.
According to Shiseido, the reorganization of the board is designed to accelerate decision-making, improve internal communication and reinforce its group management structure. Shiseido plans to reorganize its board of directors and create a new position of management, corporate officers, effective at the end of June.
Also, three top executives are due to retire as directors in June. Yoshiharu Fukuhara, now chairman, will become honorary chairman. Masahiro Kaneko, now a director, will step down. Yasukata Mori, now a director, will become a corporate executive officer.