Byline: Aileen Mehle

Jennifer Love Hewitt, playing a sexy, seducing con artist, teamed with Sigourney Weaver as her crafty mom, dupes and dumps rich rubes in “Heartbreakers” (MGM), opening next week. In the flick, set in Palm Beach, Hewitt doesn’t wear much, and what she does is skimpy and skintight, the work of designers Ann Roth and Gary Jones, who apparently hate, just hate wasting fabric. Jennifer says, “We had a running joke on the set during costume fittings. We’d get all the skirts the length they needed to be, and then ask ‘Should we go shorter?…Can we go shorter?’ No way — I’d be in my underwear!” Shocking, positively shocking!
Jen kept the outfits, though, even though she says she can’t wear them anywhere “except maybe at Halloween if I dress as a cheap person. I’m going to give them to my first-born daughter as baby clothes…and she’ll say, ‘What a great dress…Mommy wore it when she was 22!”‘ I don’t often quote movie stars. Perhaps it’s just as well.
In “Heartbreakers,” Gene Hackman plays the billionaire tobacco magnate who’s the conniving pair’s target. Sigourney’s reaction: “My worry was that I worship him so much that he could not possibly be repulsive enough as ‘William B. Tensy’ — but I was soooooo wrong. With the fake yellow teeth, age spots, cigarette smoke billowing out from every pore, hacking cough and Gene’s brilliance, he’s created one of the most hilariously disgusting characters in movie history!” A girl’s got to sell what a girl’s got to sell.

Everybody ready for the Saratoga polo season? That’s what I thought. Anyhow, the Saratoga Polo Ball on Aug. 17, absolutely the pinnacle of the summer social events — does that tell you everything? — will have Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson (husband and wife, of course) as honorary co-chairs, while the Burners UK band performs in concert. At least 400 guests will look and listen. Saratoga without Marylou is like chicken salad without chicken — but you knew that. She’ll be at the polo parades at Whitney Field and the Saratoga race course. Look for her in a big, floppy hat and maybe one of the dramatic little numbers her personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman has been pulling from the collection of new designer Kim Hicks, the same Kim Hicks who did Renee Rockefeller’s wedding and had a show of her latest line at the downtown club NV last week, if you have to know everything.

They had to move Ashton Hawkins’s farewell party at the Metropolitan Museum tomorrow from the Engelhard Court to the Temple of Dendur, so great was the throng coming to say goodbye. Dear Ashton, having toiled at the museum for 32 years all told as secretary and counsel and later as executive vice president, will retire at the end of the month, leaving the place’s sheltering arms for new fields to conquer. He has been a pioneer in the field of art law, and many will be the kudos at the party attesting to his brilliance, celebrating him and wishing him well. He actively serves on many illustrious boards and will continue to do so in the future as well as becoming Of Counsel to Gersten, Savage and Kaplowicz, focusing on his field of expertise. Thank heaven he’s not retiring from the social ramble, where he’s always sought after. Society just loves a smiler. Princess Margaret is one of his fans. She’s not a fan of that many people, you understand, and why should she be?

Speaking of fans, the night before Nancy Reagan christened the new aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan in Newport News, Va., some of her and President Reagan’s closest friends and former members of his administration dined together at the Kingsmill Inn in Williamsburg at a party given by Robert Higdon and Mary Jane and Charles Wick. They all came: Carol and the Hon. Paul Laxalt; Oatsie Charles; the Washington grande dame (the only Democrat at the dinner, as she made perfectly clear) Betsy Bloomingdale; Genny and the Hon. Fred Ryan; the Hon. and Mrs. Robert Tuttle (she is the beautiful Maria Hummer); former California governor Pete Wilson and his wife, Gayle; Buffy and Bill Cafritz; Marion Jorgenson; Cecile and Ezra Zilkha; pretty author and speech writer Peggy Noonan, who can’t stand the Clintons — to put it mildly — but loves the Reagans; Mary and James Evans; Bob Colacello, who’s doing the book on the Reagans; the Hon. Robert Gray; Frankie Hewitt; Carroll Petrie; Erlenne Sprague of the Beverly Hills Spragues, and Blaine and Robert Trump.
You read here that Nancy Reagan warded off the rain and the cold at the dedication in thermal underwear and a fur-lined black waterproof coat designed by Mandel. Now read here that Blaine Trump wore exactly the same coat as Nancy’s, but covered by one of those weird baby blue plastic ponchos they handed out to the guests at the soaking launch site. “I look like I’m wearing a garbage bag,” said Blaine, shaking off buckets of water. Well, not really. She is on the best-dressed list, you know.

Believe it or not, Doubles, the private club in the Sherry-Netherlands Hotel, will be 25 years old on May 1 and will celebrate its silver anniversary with a big blast, the Founders Dinner-Dance. Honored will be the original members of the Doubles House Committee, viz to wit Pat Buckley, Mica Ertegun, Nan Kempner, Pat Patterson, Harry Platt and Tom Pulling. Yes. Believe it or not.