Byline: Brid Costello

PARIS — Lancome is planning to provide a holistic view of beauty by adding a third line, Aroma Fit, to its aromacosmetics range. Aroma Fit, a complete line of essential oils-based body products with an emphasis on shape, slimness and firmness, follows Aroma Tonic, a line of seven products rich in essential oils meant to stimulate the body and the mind, which launched in 1999, and Aroma Calm, a five-stockkeeping-unit line with an emphasis on relaxation, which followed in 2000.
“We are launching a third aroma line because we want to build a real universe, with Aroma Tonic as a booster, Aroma Calm for relaxation and Aroma Fit with the good-health touch,” explained Olivier Teboul, group manager at Lancome.
With the focus on toning, the line includes Ultra-Fitness Serum, a slimming product that promises to drain fatty deposits resulting in a smoother silhouette. The serum includes Actifine complex, which includes extracts of bitter orange and soy protein. The complex purportedly acts on the elimination of triglycerides in fatty cells, improves skin’s microcirculation and combats skin slackening.
Other products in the line are Eau de Forme, a scented and textured water spray that is said to impart a sensation of health and well-being, firming whipped body cream, massage oil, shower gel and concentrated body moisturizer. The line ranges in price from $27 for the 200-ml. bottle of massage oil to $34 for the 100-ml. Eau de Forme spray. All prices are at current exchange rates and are for France.
Aroma Fit products are packaged in the same style as the other lines in the range with orange the dominant color; Aroma Tonic’s signature color is green, while Aroma Calm’s is purple. Aroma Fit’s scent is a concoction of orange, mandarin, carrot and basil essential oils, and the products contain extracts of beta carotene as well as extracts of celery and carrot.
The line will launch globally in April, except for the U.S. which will get the range — without the serum and concentrated moisturizer — in June. A simultaneous launch of all three lines is also planned for Asia in June.
Teboul is confident that Aroma Fit can meet sales of Aroma Tonic — and perhaps surpass them. Industry sources estimate that in its first year two million units from the Aroma Fit line will be sold.
Advertising for Aroma Fit, featuring model Marie Gillain, will break predominantly as single-page back cover ads, with triple-page ads also planned for France, Italy and the U.K. A billboard campaign will also support the launch.
A sampling campaign, including 2-ml. vial testers in the U.S., is planned. Elsewhere, in-store sampling at points of sale will include 15-ml. spray and tube testers of the products and 12-ml. metallic sachets of the shower gel.
Lancome is also increasing its sun care offering with five new products. An after-sun line called Cool Comfort is set for immediate global rollout and is meant to eventually replace existing Lancome after-sun products.
“The goal is to gradually switch to the new products,” said Teboul, who added that he expects that the group will add additional sku’s to the line in the future. The three-sku line consists of a 200-ml. Soothing Body Balm, 200-ml. Rehydrating Body Milk and 50-ml. After Sun Rehydrating Face Cream. The products, which will each retail at $21.40, purportedly fight against aging caused by sunlight and relieve parched skin while soothing weakened, sun-damaged skin.
For customers planning to fake their summer glow, Lancome has added two products to its existing Flash Bronzer line — a tinted bronzing cream in two shades and a bronzing mousse. The products will each retail at $21 for 150 mls.
Industry sources estimate that Lancome will sell one million units of the new additions to the sun-care range in the year following their launch.
Advertising for the new sun care products will break mostly as single-page back covers.