Byline: Melanie Kletter

NEW YORK — Naughty Gear is looking to come back on the scene. The once-hot young men’s label is looking to do a soft relaunch this fall with men’s and women’s apparel, with a larger roll out planned for spring.
“We think the time is right for us to come back into the market,” said Lynn Constantino, president and owner of Banned Clothing Co., which owns the label. “A lot of retailers have been asking for it and the name is still strong.”
The Naughty Gear label was launched in 1996 as a line for young men under a licensing agreement between Banned Performance Clothing Co., a company owned by Constantino’s then-husband and business partner Johnny Sunjani, and Vinnie Brown of the rap group Naughty by Nature. It was one of the first labels to be connected with a musical artist and pioneered the way for such labels as Sean John and Rocawear.
Constantino introduced a small selection of women’s wear under the Naughty Girl label in 1999, but for a variety of reasons, including financing issues, the products were never shipped. Following that, Constantino and her husband got divorced, and the company went dormant.
Recently, Constantino said she has come into some new financing from private sources, enabling her to re-introduce the line for men and women. While many details of the collection are still being worked out, the offerings for women will include fitted logo T-shirts, denim bottoms and skirts. Wholesale prices for the line range from $10 to $30.
Constantino said she is targeting specialty stores for the line, including such retailers as Up Against the Wall and Dr. Jay’s.