Byline: Joanna Ramey

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Customs Service has added 32 companies to its manifest of importers whose apparel and textiles will either be detained or banned from entry at U.S. ports because of transshipment concerns, while it has removed 28 other firms from its hit list.
The companies list contains names of firms convicted or otherwise cited by their home countries for outright transshipment or production record-keeping violations that raised suspicions of transshipment. Altering the country of origin on apparel and textiles is done to avoid quota restrictions.
“To get on the list you have to have been convicted or received some kind of administrative penalty from your own government,” said Janet Labuda, director of Customs’ Strategic Trade Operations. “It’s usually because illegal transshipment has occurred or something is gravely amiss as to the origin of the goods.”
Customs announced the action against the manufacturers in a directive to inspectors issued March 16. As a result, shipments from 20 makers in Macao and seven in Hong Kong will be detained by Customs inspectors until production records asserting country of origin can be borne out. Imports from five Bangladesh manufacturers on the list will be banned from the country.
The newly added Macau factories are: Comfortex Garment Factory, Eva, Fu Tat, Hanson, Hee Lee, Kai Lei, Kam Lai Seng Garment Factory, Kar Yip Garment Factory, Lai San, Lishen Macau Garment Factory, Man Ton Garment Factory, Ming Tak Ltd., New Wealth, Oelam, Io Chi, San Luen Fat, San Wai Lung, Va Fu, Wai Leng Garment Factory and Wai Lung Garment Factory.
The Macau factories being dropped from the list are: Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario Best Standard, Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario Dynasty, E-Fair Garment Factory, Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario E-Full, Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario Fan Wek, Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario Fong Seng, Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario Hou Kong, Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario Io Tat, Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario Lei Kou, Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario Pak Ma Hong, Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario Pou Chi, Fabrica de Luvas Sintra, Uni-Leader Garment Factory and Fabrica de Luvas Young and Gay.
The seven Hong Kong manufacturers added to the list are: Chun Tat Garment Factory, Goodluck Garment Ltd., Janie Michele (HK) Knitters, Kong Wai Garment Factory, Po Ngai Garment Manufacturing Co., Wintoast Ltd. and Yield Point International Industrial Ltd.
The 14 Hong Kong companies being removed from the hit list are: Canspot Ltd., Chun Leun Knitwear Factory, Din Bright Industries, Evernew Garments, Fashion Force (HK), Gaddy Garment Factory, Hung Tai Garment Factory, Onadvance Garment Ltd., Pak King Knitting Garment, Southlink Industrial Ltd., Strength Garment Factory, Uniroy Garment, Welfare Co. and YS Knitting Garment Factory.
The five Bangladesh factories added to the hit list are: A.M. Inspection, Eldest Garments, Fashion International, Newtex Apparel and Runa Textile.