Talia Blanchard, co-owner, Squash Blossom, Decatur, Ga.

Where she shops: “Mostly in Atlanta. We also go to New York once a year. We try to go when there are two shows at once.”

Secret finds at AmericasMart: “Spain in America Silk Scarves from Bob Miner’s showroom. They’re net-like and hand-painted, so they really dress up an outfit. Hyber Nation wraps, too. Those come in all different types of fabrics, from fleece to linen with big, rectangular pockets. They make great gifts and are a nice addition to any outfit.”

Tried-and-true lines: “Our top three are FLAX, Stephanie Schuster sweaters and Michael Stars T-shirts. Relais and Free People sweaters, too. Mike & Tod for special occasion. Their holiday lines are always fun, beautiful and different. Also Cut Loose for holiday. They did a great line this year.”

Current bestsellers: “Spain and Hyber Nation scarves and wraps. Hobo does great affordable, well-organized bags from wallets to travel pieces. In jewelry, we really haven’t been able to pinpoint one style. Trends are hard, too, so no leather or animal prints. The store is more about earthy, natural fibers in earth-tone colors with bursts of color here and there. We also do lots of black, metallics, sheer holiday wear, especially organza, and shimmery looks like Cut Loose’s crushed shimmery group.”

Favorite Showrooms: “Michael and Paula Hyman, Bilthouse, Lerner et Cie, and Click and Color Me Cotton.”

Her January market agenda: “Start summer from May through July. We’re done with spring and don’t do prom, since we cater to young professionals.”

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