Byline: Alessandra Ilari

MILAN — Those who were ready to bet that Jennifer Aniston’s sweet and friendly face would replace Brad Pitt’s sultry look in Damiani’s 2001 advertising campaign wouldn’t have walked away any richer.
As much as Silvia Damiani loves Aniston and is a big fan of “Friends,” the chief designer of the family-run, upscale jewelry house said she wanted to avoid the obvious. Instead, she opted for images that portray moments of everyday life — eating, laughing, playing cards or taking a nap, for example — interpreted by three actresses with distinct personalities and characteristics: Chiara Mastroianni, Milla Jovovich and Nastassja Kinski.
“With Brad Pitt, we changed direction, showing the emotion of a jewel from a man’s perspective,” Damiani said of the most-recent ad campaign. “But now, it’s about women again and the role jewelry plays in ordinary life. It’s about surreal reality and joie de vivre.”
The ad campaign was shot in reportage style by Peter Lindbergh on location in Deauville, France, and at the Paris flower market. The blown up images were presented at a cocktail party in the trendy Galleria Sozzani exhibition space in Milan. Mastroianni was the only one of the trio whose work schedule allowed her to make an appearance.
The ad campaign will be out April 15 in Europe and the Far East and will hit the U.S in early fall. Damiani added that she still hasn’t finalized in which U.S publications the ad campaign will appear, but stressed Mastroianni will be the only face to appear in the U.S. ads. Damiani declined to reveal the ad campaign’s budget.
“The message continues to be about jewelry worn throughout the day, whether dozing off in an Alessandro Dell’Acqua slip dress, playing solitaire or eating fruits de mer on the beach,” Damiani said.
Cases in point are Mastroianni chopping vegetables without bothering to slip off a diamond-encrusted ring; Jovovich biting into a succulent shrimp wearing a round diamond and pink sapphire ring with matching earrings; or Kinski sipping a cappuccino with a yellow gold bangle bracelet encrusted with diamonds peeking out of her cuff.
The jewels purposely reflect the different personalities of the women, with Jovovich, the youngest of the three at 25, donning pieces from the more snazzy Jungle collection, a line made with yellow gold and fancy diamonds encrusted to form striped-like motifs. Lindbergh shot 15 different situations for each woman, mostly in black and white and a few in color.
“In our campaigns, color is quite a novelty, but it’s the consequence of the fact that the collection is more colorful and that there’s a resurgence of yellow gold, especially combined with fancy diamonds in yellow, brown and cognac,” Damiani added.
With Mastroianni, the 28-year-old daughter of Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve, and the 40-year-old Kinski, whose father was actor Klaus Kinski, Damiani said she wanted to continue the company’s tradition of using filles d’arts in its ad campaigns, which started with Isabella Rossellini in 1996.