Byline: Kerry Diamond

NEW YORK — For its newest collection of products, the team behind the Estee Lauder brand looked to one of the hottest segments in the industry: the spa business.
“The spa category is really growing,” said Sandy Cataldo, senior vice president of marketing at Lauder, which operates 10 spas in the U.S. and Canada. According to the International Spa Association, the business grew 152 percent from 1997 to 1999, she noted.
As a result, this April, Lauder will launch Private Spa, a collection of eight products designed to let customers pamper themselves in the privacy of their own homes. “Women these days are willing to take care of their bodies the way they take care of their faces,” Cataldo said.
The products will be available at all Lauder counters and at According to industry sources, the line is expected to do $11 million at retail in 2001.
The product lineup ranges from a trendy sugar scrub product to a soothing essential oil serum. Sea Plunge Calming Soak is a pearly blue cream that can be used as a bath or shower gel and a skin conditioner. It will retail for $30 for a 13.5-oz. tube. Light Rain Moisture Droplets is an afterbath treatment that contains blue agave extract, $30 for a 6.7-oz. bottle. Crystal Glow Sugar Rub, an exfoliating scrub with natural cane sugar, natural oils and glycerin, will retail for $35 for a 17.6-oz. tub. Healing Essence for Mind and Body is described as a de-stressing “elixir” that contains more than 25 essential oils. It will retail for $35 for a 3.4-oz. bottle.
Smoothing Feat Manicure/Pedicure Treatment is an overnight softening mask with paraffin. It will retail for $22 for a 6.7-oz. tube. Best Tressed Intense Hair Treatment, which is currently Lauder’s only stockkeeping unit devoted to hair, is a mask that conditions while removing buildup. It will retail for $22 for a 6.7-oz. tube. SeaFoam Wash Gel Cleanser is a shower gel with sea kelp and aloe vera. It will retail for $22 for a 6.7-oz. tube. Lastly, there is the Calming Aura Scented Candle, which will retail for $18.
Additional products will be launched later in the year.
All of the products come packaged in frosted blue or green containers. “I felt the packaging had to transport you,” said Cataldo. Everything is in plastic except for Healing Essence, which comes in a glass bottle.
Two fragrances have been developed for the line. The first scent, which is found in Crystal Glow, Best Tressed and SeaFoam, contains notes of peppermint, spearmint, pennyroyal and peach tea and is meant to be reenergizing. (Those three products come in the green containers.) The second fragrance, found in the blue-packaged items, contains notes of cilantro, citrus, oak moss and violet leaves and was designed to be calming.
The products will be displayed on counter on a special merchandising unit. Via bounceback cards, customers will be invited to visit counters for a sample of Crystal Glow and to experience a mini-spa treatment. The advertisement for Private Spa features a fresh-faced, towel-clad Elizabeth Hurley, wearing much less makeup than usual.
The Private Spa products will be used at the Lauder spas, which will offer two new treatments inspired by the new sku’s. They include the Crystal Rub Down, a two-hour service that includes a one-hour massage, and the Mind and Body Getaway, which features a full-body exfoliation.
This isn’t the first time Lauder has introduced spa products. The company was several years ahead of the curve when it launched the European Body Spa collection in 1981.