ARGENTINE FETE: Starting with a debut event this Tuesday, Argentine jewelry, accessories and clothing designers will descend on Manhattan to show that it’s not just South American models causing a stir in the fashion industry.
Held at the Consulate General of Argentina, “Diseno: A Celebration of Argentine Design” will showcase the work of seven designers: Celedonio Iohidoy, Homero, Maria Marta Facchinelli, Uma, Nadine Z, Sangre Argentina and Valeria Leik. Though virtually unknown on the U.S. fashion landscape, many of them are well established in Argentina, where some have their own stores in Buenos Aires.
The fashion and commercial initiative is sponsored by the government of Argentina and designers were selected by a panel of Argentine fashion, design, media and business professionals.
“These are our designers, a strange brew from which an astonishingly creative new generation has emerged,” said Fernando de la Rua, president of Argentina, in a statement. “Our style cannot be reduced to Evita, Tango and Mate [a local herbal tea].”
The designer’s creations will be showcased through Friday.

CREATIVE LICENSE: For luxury watch manufacturer Piaget, the future lies in creativity. At least that was the reasoning behind a project giving students from seven international design schools carte blanche to rework its best-selling Miss Protocole watch.
The final projects, unveiled in New York last week by Piaget chief executive officer Philippe Leopold-Metzger, ranged from a rubber wraparound timepiece to a watch in a steel case with a belt clip.
“Creativity must be fostered,” said Leopold-Metzger. He said Piaget has no plans to produce any of the designs, but will feature them in an exhibit that will travel to 12 cities, including Milan, Tokyo and Paris, over the next year.
“Sometimes, you have to go beyond pure commercial motivations,” said Leopold-Metzger.
“But who knows, one day any one of these students could end up working for Piaget. They are all immensely creative.”
Students from London’s Royal College of Art, Milan’s Domus Academy and New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology were among those who designed projects.
Leopold-Metzger said the firm plans to repeat the project in two years.