Byline: Rusty Williamson

You won’t find chips and hot salsa on the table at Ciudad, a new Mexican restaurant in Dallas. But then, Ciudad isn’t just another Tex-Mex joint.
Ciudad — meaning “city” in Spanish — accents foods from Mexico City, deep in the heart of Mexico and a long way from the border. Although open less than a year, Ciudad is already mucho caliente — or very hot.
Thanks to tasty and unusual food that pays homage to Mexico’s Spanish, Aztec, Mayan and French cultural links, innovative presentation, a chic ambience and the golden touch of restaurateur Monica Greene, Ciudad is already being hailed as one of the best new eateries in the U.S.
Greene, along with her partner and chef Joanne Bondy, takes a classical approach to Ciudad’s menu, serving hand-made, banana-leaf tamales, Veracruz sea bass with leeks, capers and fish broth, and glazed frog legs with watermelon.
Ciudad is located in Dallas’s chic Oak Lawn neighborhood. Greene also operates a Mexican fusion restaurant in the city’s Deep Ellum district called Aca y Alla.

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