NEW YORK — Liz Claiborne Inc. said Monday that Target’s exclusive Niki Taylor apparel line will be renamed Meg Allen, but that the fall 2001 rollout schedule for the lifestyle apparel line will be unaffected by this decision.
“Although we are sorry to lose the association with Niki Taylor, preliminary results and research indicate that we nevertheless have the right ingredients for success in place,” said Liz Claiborne ceo Paul Charron. “We will build on this positioning with Meg Allen.”
“I’ve enjoyed my association with Liz Claiborne for many years, but feel it is important that I have the flexibility to broaden my professional activities,” said Taylor. “Unfortunately, the marketing of a major apparel brand requires more day-to-day involvement than I initially realized.” Still, the question remains: Who is Meg Allen? A composite of Meg Ryan and comic Tim Allen? “Meg Allen is not a real person,” a Claiborne spokeperson told WWD. “It’s an invention used to personify the brand. We’ve done it before, with Emma James.”

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