A flurry of Los Angeles fashion events Thursday night had the town cars shuttling from Randolph Duke’s fall show at Tony Duquette’s mansion to Richard Tyler’s runway presentation at Sotheby’s.
But the night belonged to Diego Della Valle, whose new Tod’s boutique on Rodeo Drive drew a crowd that included Rene Russo, Kelly Lynch, Shiva McDermott, Samantha Phipps, Paris Hilton and Cindy Crawford. (For a story on the new shop, see page 13.) “Finally, I get to meet the man I’ve been wearing,” squealed Russo as she greeted Della Valle with two kisses.
After cocktails, guests caravaned to the new West Coast outpost of Moomba, where the red paint was still wet on the walls.
“I feel like we’re at the kids’ table,” said Zooey Deschanel as she grooved to Stevie Wonder with her sister, Emily.
Meanwhile, in the adjoining dance club, an impatient crowd including K.K. Kravis, Henry Duarte and Guinivere Van Seenus waited to be let into the dining room. But Della Valle, with Russo on his left and Debra Messing on his right, was oblivious to the growing mutiny.
“I do dinner, but I don’t dance,” he said. “Leave that to the young ones.”
On Monday night, a little spilt beer in the limo didn’t dampen Heather Graham’s spirits at the premiere of “Say It Isn’t So,” the Farrelly brothers’ latest lewd, crude comedy. Graham arrived with her boyfriend, Heath Ledger.
“Hopefully, he likes gross jokes,” she added. “I have a sick sense of humor, so I thought it was funny.”
On Saturday night, a more sophisticated troop gathered at Fiona Lewis’s and Art Linson’s Santa Monica home to toast Katie Arnoldi’s new novel, “Chemical Pink,” a glimpse into the world of competitive body building. The author, a former competitor, cut a feminine figure in her dress.
“But Katie could kill any man in this room,” said Kelly Lynch.