Byline: Lisa Lockwood

NEW YORK — Calvin Klein’s experimentation with colors for spring had a definite influence on his upcoming ad campaign.
“When it comes to advertising, we think in black and white,” said Sydney Bachman, senior vice president of fashion and advertising at Calvin Klein Inc. “[But] we started looking at the Collection, and it was not only colorful, but the shades were very subtle, such as lavenders, rose, blues and turquoise.”
Fortunately, said Bachman, the photographer hired for the Collection campaign — Steven Klein — does “beautiful saturated color photographs.”
The crew headed for a beach in East Hampton and shot the ads at what Bachman described as a “sophisticated house with simple architecture; it has wonderful natural light.” With the suitings being very casual — especially the body jersey skirts and blouson jackets — the photo shoot took on a relaxed air. Natasha Vojnovic, a 22-year-old model from Serbia, is featured in the Collection ad campaign.
“First of all, she was new,” explained Bachman. “There seem to be five top girls doing everything. She has a beautiful face, skin and legs and we found her to be so intelligent and forthright. She was great to work with. She had lots of personality.” Nelson Vance was selected as the male Collection model.
The Collection ads will break in February magazines such as Vogue, W and Harper’s Bazaar and will also run in Europe.
For the CK Calvin Klein Collection, Klein worked with photographer Liz Collins.
“It’s the first time we worked with Liz,” said Bachman. “She brings a sense of entertainment and spirit to her pictures. She really asks the models to perform, rather than pose.” The idea behind the photo shoot was “a group of kids watching a film noir. It was shot in a studio replicating the cinema in New York. We wanted it to look like an old theater.” The pictures were lit in such a way that it looks dark in the theater.
The ads feature Angela Lindvall, Heath Townsend, Lucas Babin, An Oost and Laura Dellicata.
In one image, Lindvall is sitting with Dellicata, who’s holding a hankie in her hand. Another image shows the models wearing three-dimensional glasses; in one, a guy is wearing CK goggles, and in another, one of the guys is holding a bag of candy.
Finally, the CK Jeans ad campaign for spring focuses on a gang of teens emulating the biker style. Steven Klein shot the ad campaign outdoors in upstate New York. The teens are shown hanging out and camping with their motorcycles and cars. In one image, a guy has his fly tied up with string because he broke the zipper.
The images are in both color and black and white.
“The whole idea is they’re into customizing their style,” said Bachman. She said personalizing one’s jeans has become a big thing, and the jeans are accessorized with jewelry and embroidery. Two new jeans styles are introduced in the ads — Sky Wash, which is a pair of very washed-out and bleached jeans, and Extreme Wash, which has more lines and creases and faded-in dark spots.
The model group includes Tasha Tilberg, Valerie Sipp, Mini Anden, Heather Wellborn, Damien V., Lucas Babin and Adam McIntyre.
The jeans ads are running in January magazines and will appear on billboards, as well. CK Jeans also will run vellum inserts in the February issues of Jane, Details, Vanity Fair, Spin, Paper and Interview.
Overall, Bachman said Klein’s spring budget is even to last spring. According to Competitive Media Reporting, Calvin Klein Inc. spent $9 million in media for the first six months of 2000.

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