PARIS — Europe says no to animal testing — and cosmetics that undergo those tests.
This week the European Parliament voted to reject a proposal to allow cosmetics products that have been tested on animals to be sold in European Union member states.
The European Commission had proposed an amendment that would maintain an EU ban on animal testing but would allow for the sale of products that have been tested on animals.
The proposal was rejected by parliament, 191 votes against 132.
The ban on the sale of products tested on animals applies to both cosmetics developed within Europe and imported products.
An EU sales ban on cosmetics products tested on animals has been in existence since 1998. However, the ban has never been put into practice because of a lack of alternative testing methods available to manufacturers, according to the European Commission.
This week’s vote was only a first step in the parliamentary process. The proposal will now be returned to the European Commission and the European Council before being voted on again in Parliament. The process could take one to two years to be completed.