Byline: Daniela Gilbert

NEW YORK — Tencel recently presented a palette for summer 2002 that the lyocell maker said are intended to evoke “warmth and a generous innocence.”
“Color, as always, is our way of changing the focus away from winter to the summer ahead,” said Sandy MacLennan, a European trend consultant for Tencel.
It broke the palette down into six groups of five colors each, which focus on different moods.
The first group, Naive, is lighthearted and fresh with colors that include a fruity yellow, a blush pink, orange and pistachio green.
For Intimate, the feeling is more luxurious, with a neutral palette that includes antique white, coal, parchment and suede, a fleshy beige.
The third group, Eye Candy, features vibrant cosmetic colors such as warm reds and pinks that are accented with rich browns.
The Escape group is comprised of soothing water tones. Here, a neon-like yellow is mixed with blues and greens, as well as a touch of off-white to balance out the palette.
Denim finds its place in the Breathe grouping where varying degrees of blue are highlighted by a crisp white.
“This is a group to watch,” noted MacLennan. “It could work as a replacement for gray and black.”
The last group, Vintage, evokes a quieter mood and is organic in feel with a selection of soft grays accented with green and lilac.
“It features a used or antique feeling that really goes well with the consumer’s desire for more personalized dressing,” concluded MacLennan.