Byline: Andrea M. Grossman

NEW YORK — In step with its address-the-customer’s-wish-list-approach to developing new products, John Frieda will launch Beach Blonde in mid-April, a four-item line designed to make hair look like you just stepped off the beach: sun-kissed and water-wavy. The line, which is expected to generate $8 million in first-year sales, complements John Frieda’s three other lines — Frizz Ease, Ready To Wear and Sheer Blonde — which are each specifically designed for a number of hair predicaments.
Two of the products in Beach Blonde, Lemon Lights and Sun Streaks, are formulated to lighten hair.
Lemon Lights does so naturally with lemon juice and bits of lemon peel in its gel formula.
Sun Streaks, however, uses a mild dose of peroxide in a gel to turn locks lighter. Sun Streaks, which is heat activated, also has similar lightening effects if used with a blow dryer, according to Joe Cincotta, director of research and development for John Frieda. Both items are formulated to work on blonde to medium-brown hair.
The other two items, Gold Rush and Ocean Waves, are styling products. Gold Rush is a shimmer gel designed to accent all shades of hair with streaks of gold. The gel does not contain peroxide, just fine bits of gold mica held together by the gel.
Gold Rush, explained Gail Federici, president of John Frieda, could also be used as a root touch up for blondes.
Ocean Waves plays on this year’s just-got-back-from-the-beach hair style trend. Its formula combines jojoba oil with sea salt to texturize hair into wavy, tousled strands.
All items in the Beach Blonde line retail for $6.50, which will be supported by a $1 million ad budget, which includes print ads breaking in May beauty magazines. Hair stylists are also scheduled to hold product demonstrations on 10 beaches across the country. According to industry sources, Beach Blonde could push up Frieda’s total sales to $160 million. Cincotta explained that formulating a product that wouldn’t turn darker hair red or brassy was key to differentiating Beach Blonde’s lightening skus from other products on the market.
“We trapped the peroxide in a gel matrix so it penetrates the hair in a slow, metered process rather than all at once,” Cincotta said, referring to hair lightening products that use a spray delivery system.