NEW YORK — The annual spring Victoria’s Secret fashion show is shifting to the fall and returning to New York. “It will be a holiday show in New York in November. And bigger and better than ever,” said a VS spokeswoman. “We never keep it the same. It evolves every year.”
Some things, however, do stay the same. The show is again sure to be high-profile and glitzy, befitting the cast of supermodels and past venues. Last year, it was in Cannes, France, the week of the Cannes Film Festival. The year before, it was on Wall Street and prior to that, at The Plaza. So how will they top all that? VS is not saying for now; the location will be announced later.
The VS show is among the industry world’s most watched and costliest marketing events, like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — an established holiday extravaganza with a somewhat different viewing audience.