LOS ANGELES — Streetwear maker Private Circle has tapped Freddie Rojas as the designer to bring a little rough-tough sexiness to the line.
Rojas, who has had his own designer streetwear line for the past five years, has joined the firm as head designer for women’s and men’s wear. He will ship his own label’s spring line, but after that will only do custom pieces.
Rojas’s Melrose Avenue boutique will become a flagship for both his namesake custom line and Private Circle.
“Freddie will be able to bring that sexy element, with a little bit of dirt,” said Private Circle president and creative director Danny Cook. “The line is a division of one of the largest adult entertainment companies in the world, and it hasn’t really reflected that. We’re going forward with a refined, sexier edge.”
Private Circle, which will do $1.5 million this year, is a division of Barcelona-based conglomerate Mil Cap Media Group.
Rojas succeeds Cook’s former partner, Qamilla Karlsson, who designed the line under the name Q and has since returned to her native Sweden.
Rojas called the deal “an opportunity to reach the next level. I wanted to see my ideas on more people,” he said. “This is a way to broaden my ideas and get them out there.”