It was an evening of swaying violins, Valentino evening gowns and Sixties food. Then there was Diana Ross’s gigantic hat — which got caught on another guest’s earring and caused a good amount of tension before it was extricated, but less tension than what many people hoped to find in a reunion of Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. Here’s what a few gala guests had to say at “Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years.”

“It was the greatest party I’ve ever seen. And for me, it’s a sentimental experience because I haven’t seen these clothes for 40 years. I didn’t quite agree with what Mr. Bowles put in his catalog, but everybody showed good taste in the end. To have added a discordant note would not have been the right thing. I would have liked to be part of a joint effort, but I was not invited to participate in the show. Jackie had such success as a well-dressed First Lady, and people did copy one another — that’s the way it was. I was a Francophile regarding fashion, and Jackie suggested that I go to Paris. I went to all the houses. There was a lot to learn from the French — I wanted to prove that we were just as good.” — Oleg Cassini

“It’s so beautiful and, if you’ll forgive my saying so, kind of spooky.” — Anjelica Huston

“It’s amazing because Jackie really was modernity. She was fashion, which is so rare in a public figure. Now, first ladies are, well, not at all interesting.” — Jean Paul Gaultier
“I have a theory that when Kennedy got elected, Jackie decided to be Audrey Hepburn.” — Tiffany Dubin

“I liked the exhibit, but I like dinner even better.” — Bunny Mellon

“The First Lady stuff means a lot to me.” — Hillary Clinton

“It was very alive. But I wanted more pictures. I like to see the curtains and carpets.” — Firyal of Jordan

“Well, needless to say, I was never influenced by Jackie!” — Michael Kors

“I’m at the dregs of my IQ, so all I can say is this: Jackie’s real pretty. I’m wearing vintage Oleg Cassini in her honor, and it fits!” — Renee Zellweger

“Of course. She was a modern woman.” — Helmut Lang, on whether or not Jackie would have worn his clothing.

“I think Jackie would have been thrilled with the exhibit and proud of her daughter — and, of course, quietly mysterious about what she really thinks about it.” — Maria Shriver

“I was thinking today about how peculiar it was that her name was on this huge banner on the museum and how she lived right across the street from it. She could have looked out at it from her apartment. She’d be pleased, but quietly pleased.” — Deeda Blair

“I based my last collection on Jackie. All of it. But no one got it!” — Vera Wang

“The exhibit is such a beautiful reflection of those years in her life. She’d be so happy.” — Lee Radziwill

“I could never have dressed Jackie as well as Oleg Cassini or Hubert de Givenchy did.” — Marc Jacobs

“Marc’s right. She wasn’t really a downtown girl.”
— Anna Sui

“Do you have anything on under that?” — Liv Tyler, to a kilt-clad Alan Cumming, seconds before screaming as he flashed her his flesh-colored thong.

“Excuse me, Ms. Von Furstenberg, I just wanted to say hello. I used to be your waitress at 150 Wooster. You were always so nice to me and I’ll never forget it.” — Julianna Margulies to Diane Von Furstenberg

“Jackie’s spirit still permeates the apartment, even though we’ve redone it.” — David Koch