The three Belgian models of the moment, Hannelore Knuts, Delfine Bafort and An Oost, checked out an exhibition Friday night with Olivier Theyskens in the Meatpacking district. When the girls walked outside for a moment with their drinks, the police approached and cited them for keeping open alcohol. But the girls were charmed, and proceeded to convince the police to pose with them for a series of streetside photos. They still got the tickets.

For Marc Jacobs’s new shoe campaign, Jurgen Teller just shot Stephanie Seymour at her Connecticut home in front of “Puppy,” the 43-foot-tall dog-shaped sculpture by Jeff Koons, which Peter Brandt recently purchased for approximately $4 million. The sculpture, which is composed of live flowers — marigolds, impatiens, petunias, geraniums and begonias — requires weekly pruning and watering. (Because nothing was in bloom at the time of the shoot, the sculpture was mostly mud.)