NEW YORK — The young Mrs. Kennedy did a fair amount of shopping at Bergdorf Goodman — that’s where she bought her Halston-designed hats, for one thing.
Starting Tuesday, passersby can get a whiff of the milieu in which Jackie wore those pillboxes by strolling past the Fifth Avenue windows of Bergdorf’s. Using some of the original source material from the White House, including several interior sketches by Edward Lehmann, window director David Hoey created vignettes that are meant to evoke, without re-creating, some of the best-known and most colorful of the restorations including the Green, Blue and Red Rooms, the Treaty Room and the Library. “We decided to use those as backdrops for statements of our own about fashion today,” said Hoey.
Of course, Bergdorf’s is a store, so there will be current spring merchandise featured in the windows. But the store is trying to stay away from blatant commercialism and any direct Jackie references. In other words, no shift dresses or pearl necklaces.
“We wanted to show what a 30-year-old first lady might wear today,” said Robert Burke, vice president of fashion merchandising at the retailer. The featured designers include Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors and Velasco Andersson.
“They have a really modern feeling, but still with a classic base,” said Burke.

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