Few things attract a crowd of ladies — or gentlemen — faster than the promise of free Kiehl’s products. So when the beauty line celebrated its 150th anniversary on Wednesday with a sampling of its wares at Los Angeles’s Barneys Greengrass restaurant (eight products per guest, please), the champagne party turned into an out-of-control beauty looting.
“I’m getting my face products and getting out of here,” said China Chow, who stood squished between Rashida Jones and Anna Getty. Mena Suvari took shelter near the ladies’ room, where she consulted with a Kiehl’s specialist.
“I want something that scrubs my face, like this,” Suvari explained, circling her cheeks vigorously.
Meanwhile, Ever Carradine dragged a shopping bag bursting with plastic bottles to her car.
“We waited for 10 minutes and then we just started grabbing stuff,” she confessed.
The following night, Sony Playstation 2 threw a lavish game party at the St. Regis Hotel. In one martini-soaked room, trio-of the-moment Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst lay on beds — game consoles on their stomachs — transfixed by the ceiling’s flat-screen TVs. Alicia Keys performed, but only Patricia Arquette seemed to notice. At the sushi bar, Emilie de Ravin ignored her sake and debated a test-drive.
“I’ve only ever played Nintendo,” de Ravin admitted. “Whoops, I said the N-word!”
On Saturday, the Lili Claire Foundation held a benefit dinner at the Beverly Hilton, and at Martha and Dino DeLaurentiis’s Beverly Hills estate, a group of ladies gathered for a poolside luncheon and Diane Von Furstenberg runway show to support breast cancer research’s “Fashion for the Cure.”
To combat the iffy weather, Shiva Rose McDermott wore what she called her hot-cold combination: a tank top and tweed skirt.
“The hat is because I didn’t have time to wash my hair,” she whispered.