Byline: Cassandra Chiacchio

NEW YORK — Dr. Fredric Brandt is giving his skin care line a facelift. The celebrity dermatologist has changed the name of his brand to Dr. Brandt Skincare — it was formerly Brandt — and also has upgraded packaging, added new products and increased distribution.
Brandt, who has offices in Manhattan and Miami, says the line is being completely revamped. So why change a successful line not even two years old? According to Brandt, there have been many skin care innovations since the line first launched. “We address the majority of skin problem and skin types,” he said. “It was our responsibility to redo everything.” Older products are being phased out.
The skin care collection now has two main categories, Lineless and Poreless, as well as three smaller categories — Physical Therapy, Active Additives and The Specialists. The line implements a wide range of ingredients including vitamins, shea butter, green tea, grapeseed extract, salicylic acid, tea tree, rosemary, green tea and silicone technology.
The Lineless category, developed for normal to dry skin, was designed for antiaging prevention and repair. It contains gel cleanser, cream, eye cream, toner, a moisturizing gel and a soothing mask.
The Poreless category, created for combination-oily skin, reduces enlarged pores and balances combination complexions. This category contains a purifying mask, cleanser, toner and two moisturizing products — Poreless Effect and Poreless Moisture.
The Physical Therapy category was created for the body and includes an exfoliator, hand cream, lotion and moisturizer.
Active Additives, created to treat facial skin from the inside out, contains vitamins and Stableact C technology, which insures deep penetration and reduces the oxidation of the vitamin. Products include an exfoliating facial cleanser and vitamin moisture mask.
The Specialists category addresses specific skin needs and includes “V”-zone neck cream, makeup remover, lightening gel and anti-irritant cleanser.
Prices in the line range from $30 to $95.
The new packaging — featuring sleek tubes and clear bottles — has a chemistry set feel. “This is a serious line,” explained Brandt. “So we gave the products a look similar to things you would find in a laboratory.”
The line is currently found in Bergdorf Goodman, select Sephora locations, Brown’s Apothecary as well as in Brandt’s offices.
By the end of the year, the line will broaden distribution, launching into 30 Nordstrom locations and additional Sephoras. “This is a big leap for us,” he said.