“So I guess this is what they call a power lunch,” said Erika Christensen with a gulp as she surveyed the scene at the annual Premiere Women in Hollywood lunch on Monday. Some of the most powerful females in showbiz — both the young and the well-preserved — descended upon the Four Seasons to salute this year’s honorees, Cameron Diaz, Frances McDormand and Paula Wagner along with rising star Leelee Sobieski.
“I’m a little intimidated,” confessed first-timer Shannon Elizabeth as Paramount’s Sherry Lansing brushed by her.
“I’m still teething,” said Sobieski, another neophyte. “But I’ve been lucky so far. I’ve gotten to be the goth chick, the crazed nymphette and the queen of the nerds.”
When the more established stars Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu arrived clutching each other, the pair was immediately besieged with questions about a possible “Charlie’s Angels” sequel.
“At some point we’ll do it and then talk about it,” announced Barrymore, shrugging off reporters. But the pair admitted that lately they have been inseparable.
“We go hiking, and we eat,” said Barrymore. “Everything is based around food. That’s why we’re all here at a lunch.”
The pair also looked on as their former co-star Diaz accepted her award.
“I’m eternally PMS. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Diaz cracking up the crowd as she walked on stage. “My head could start spinning and I could be spitting out pea soup or I could burst into tears.”
As the afternoon came to a close, Tom Cruise, one of the few men invited to the luncheon, admitted that even he was feeling inferior:
“Today, I’m outnumbered, outclassed and outvoted.”