FULLER RUMORS: The Bonnie Fuller-Harper’s Bazaar gossip is percolating again. While Fuller, editor in chief of Glamour, laughed it off, sources say she’s still the heir apparent to Kate Betts at Bazaar. Fuller’s contract expires in August.
“It’s true my contract does expire, but I’ve had no contact with Hearst,” said Fuller.
“It’s absolutely not true,” averred a Harper’s Bazaar spokeswoman.
Prior to Betts’s arrival two years ago, Fuller was wooed by Hearst to return as editor in chief of Bazaar, but was under contract to Conde Nast. She previously served as editor in chief of Hearst’s Cosmopolitan, and before that Marie Claire.
Betts, like nearly all her competitors, has been under intense pressure to increase newsstand sales. Bazaar’s fell 7.4 percent in the sixth-month period ended Dec. 31, 2000, according to Audit Bureau of Circulations. Betts will celebrate her second anniversary at the helm of Bazaar this June.

MORE EXPOSURE: Abercrombie & Fitch is at it again. The company’s newly released summer quarterly, entitled, “Let Summer Begin” deserves the XXX moniker even more than its spring break quarterly bearing that title. (The XXX quarterly was hot in more ways than one — it was recently selling on Ebay for $250.)
This time around, there are lots of shapely girls exposing their breasts, hunks baring their butts and full-length shots of naked guys. There are also still life shots of T-shirts that say, “I Have a Big One” and “Get on the Stick.”
The quarterly also contains interviews with Candace Bushnell, Paul Reubens, (formerly Pee Wee Herman) and Kirsten Dunst.

SHAFER AND TSE: Rebecca Shafer, who resigned her post as creative director of Tse a year ago, is reportedly headed back, this time in a consulting capacity. According to sources, Shafer and Sam Shahid, partner in Shahid & Co., will be creating the next ad campaign for Tse. Laura Wenke, senior vice president of marketing and communications, is said to be leaving Tse in June and declined comment.