NEW YORK — Designer Wolfgang Joop found himself in hot political waters on Monday after local publications and an international wire service picked up quotations he apparently made to a German magazine that were read as disrespectful to victims of the World Trade Center catastrophe.
Joop, meanwhile, claims his quotes were taken out of context.
One headline read, “Wolfgang Joop says World Trade Center symbolized capitalist arrogance,” while others went further, implying Joop was siding with the terrorists.
A spokesman for the designer insisted that the news reports took Joop’s comments out of context from their original publication in a profile in an Austrian magazine. The spokesman said Joop had instead said he could understand why the towers were selected as a terrorist target because they were a well-known symbol of capitalism.
Joop also said in the article that he never liked the towers, but he was speaking about their aesthetic, the spokesman said. Joop lost friends in the attack and said that he personally felt very sorry for its victims.