Byline: Marcy Medina

LOS ANGELES — Although he’s best known as Aidan Quinn, Sarah Jessica Parker’s soulful, furniture-making fiance on HBO’s “Sex and the City,” John Corbett will loom larger still when his new film “Serendipity” opens Friday.
Corbett’s role as Lars, a New Age lute (yes, lute) player, might not make many women swoon, though it will certainly make audiences giggle. No matter, because Corbett’s reason for pursuing the role was more of a guy thing: “I wanted to be in this movie because John Cusack was in it,” he explains. “We didn’t have any scenes together, but he’s the coolest guy. I wanted to hang out with him — smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and talk to pretty girls.”
Corbett doesn’t want for female attention on “Sex and the City.” “I get to kiss Sarah Jessica Parker,” he marvels. “Men are jealous of me. I’m even jealous of me when I’m not getting to make out with her.
“I know she’s married and all, but there’s just something about her. I would marry her if she’d have me,” he sighs, then adds: “Goddamn that Ferris Bueller!”
For the most part, Corbett’s aw-shucks attitude extends to fashion, though he did learn a few things from costume designer Patricia Field and his clothes-loving co-stars. “Look at me,” he says, pointing to his perfectly worn, snug-fitting jeans and T-shirt. “Do you think I dress like this all the time? These are my ‘Aidan’ jeans. They’re Helmut Lang. So is this ‘Aidan’ shirt. It’s a f–king $95 T-shirt that looks like it should cost about nine bucks. Helmut Lang will do that.”
Corbett received his first pieces of fan mail based on a white Versace shirt he wore in an early episode. “Men and women were asking, ‘Where did you get it? I have to have it! Are you gay?’ he recalls, laughing. “I’d say they succeeded in New York-ing Aidan up a bit.”
The actor, who prefers to relax in his Seattle and Honolulu homes when not working in New York or Los Angeles, says he’s eager to branch out creatively, though not in Hollywood.
“I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and it’s like, ‘What can I do next?’ I’m fascinated with architecture. I’m just taken with French doors and archways.” Corbett says that unlike his HBO character, he can’t craft things with his own hands — but he does have a knack for designing, particularly the custom leather pieces that fill his homes.
Corbett’s next film, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” produced by Tom Hanks, is another light comedy about an Orthodox Greek woman who falls in love with an Irish man. In the meantime, however, he remains tight-lipped about the fate of his character when “Sex and the City” returns in January.
“Even my mom wants to know what happens and I can’t tell her,” Corbett says. But Sarah Jessica Parker’s newly short hair, which reportedly gets chopped in next season’s final episode, may point to a new, Aidan-less future.