Byline: Jennifer Weil

PARIS — Lancome is expecting sweet sales from its new treatment, Vinefit.
Maite Cristiani, marketing director for skin care at Lancome, bills Vinefit, a grapeseed item, as an “energizing moisturizer.” It’s a claim, she said, that sets it apart from the other “white lines,” which contain white grape extracts, including France’s Caudalie and Napa Valley’s Uvavita.
“Those products are more about prevention and protection,” Cristiani continued. “We tested the heart of our market, 25-to-35-year-old women, in the U.S., U.K., Japan, France and Germany to see what they are looking for. In Europe, they said they are [particularly] searching for energy — for something to help their skin stay full of vitality all day long.” Other top priorities for their treatment include natural ingredients and protective benefits.
What Lancome cooked up in response, Cristiani said, is a day product rich in minerals and vitamin B3, which together purportedly boost cells’ metabolism and facilitate enzymatic reactions.
They call it Vinefit “because it is a name that can be understood internationally,” Cristiani said. The first part of the word — “vin” (French for wine) or “vine” — carries grape connotations, while “fit” makes people think of “something fit, something strong,” she said.
Vinefit contains natural anti-aging properties, since white grapes are full of polyphenols, antioxidants that fight the damaging effect of free radicals. And there are polyols and fatty acids that are moisturizers, plus UVA and UVB sun protection in the treatment. In most of Europe, the product will contain sunscreens and the Lancome-patented Mexoryl XL filtering complex for an SPF 8. In the U.S., where regulations differ, Vinefit will have other filters for an SPF 15, the level of protection that women there seek, Cristiani explained. The U.K. will also get the product with an SPF 15.
Cristiani refused to talk numbers, but industry sources estimate that the product could generate between $15 million and $20 million at retail in the first 12 months. Its launch plans include hitting Spain, Germany, France and Italy in April, then the U.S. and U.K. in September. Asia is slated to get Vinefit next year.
The product comes as a cream and lotion, each of which will retail for $36 for a 50-ml. There will also be a 30-ml. tube of cream that will sell for $24 in France. These prices are about 7 percent lower than Lancome’s other day creams to help attract a younger consumer.
It’s the first time Lancome is using the color green — rather than gray — for the band encircling its treatment packaging. “We wanted to make [the packaging] more modern and appealing to the customer while staying within the code of the brand,” Cristiani said.Green is also the overriding color in the advertising.

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