Byline: Holly Haber

The most Zen dining experience is at Fishbowl, a new restaurant created by Stephan Pyles in what had been the bar in front of his posh and pricy seafood eatery, AquaKnox.
Fishbowl’s serene mood is created by Asian accents, like the soft lighting from hanging lamps shaded with paper painted with ferns as well as positive words and sayings inscribed high on the walls.
“Nothing is left for you at this moment but to have a good laugh,” advises the wall behind the bar. Lining the wall above the L-shaped sushi bar are seven words indicative of Zen paths to enlightenment: Tradition, Abundance, Creativity, Moderation, Order, Prosperity and Simplicity.
It’s evident a feng shui consultant worked on the decor here, painting the door red to induce prosperity and placing plenty of red accents throughout the space. The ambience is so soothing it could even put a cranky three-year-old to sleep.
Sushi and Asian fusion cuisine, a hot trend in Dallas, is handled admirably at Fishbowl. Inspiration from China, Japan and Thailand is evident in the menu, which offers satays, noodle bowls and a variety of stir frys. Prices are considerably lower than at Fishbowl’s adjacent older sister, AquaKnox.
Some of the tastiest menu selections are the fried whole catfish with sweet chile sauce ($10); noodles with shrimp, peanuts and bean sprouts in a light spicy broth ($10), or the asparagus and butternut squash tempura with plum sauce ($8). A satisfying dessert for chocolate lovers is the chocolate pudding cake served with four little globes of nutty pistachio ice cream ($7).
Serving dinner only, Fishbowl opens its tall doors on Knox Street at 5 p.m. during the week and at 3 p.m. on the weekends. Guests can enjoy the tranquil gurgling of the fountain on the outdoor patio when weather permits.

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