Byline: Kerry Diamond

NEW YORK — Trish McEvoy isn’t known for fragrances, but the makeup artist is getting more serious about scent. She launched five new fragrances in early February and is getting ready to launch another one in the next few weeks.
“My makeup company has always been about options,” said McEvoy. “Every day you create your mood and how you want to project it with your style, dress, makeup choices and fragrances.”
The new launches will give McEvoy a total of nine fragrances. She launched her first two in 1998 and her third in 1999. The six new ones were developed in conjunction with International Flavors & Fragrances.
According to industry sources, the McEvoy fragrance collection could do more than $1 million at retail in 2000. Each 1.7-oz. bottle retails for $60.
“It’s unbelievable how the new fragrances are taking off,” said Laura Saio, cosmetics buyer at Henri Bendel. “We were preselling and giving samples and we had hundreds of names on the waiting list. Customers are buying several of the fragrances at once and layering them.”
All of the fragrances are packaged in triangular glass bottles with black and silver tops. One side of the bottle is frosted and features the name and number of the fragrance. The collection consists of 1, Grapefruit & Yellow Freesia; 2, Jasmine & Rose Honey; 3, Snowdrop & Crystal Flowers; 4, Gardenia Musk; 6, Mandarin & Ginger Lily; 8, Citrus Petals; 9, Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, and 10, Lavender Spice.
McEvoy skipped the number five to avoid any conflict with Chanel. Number 7 remains in development.
The fragrances will be sold at all Trish McEvoy counters as well as, and McEvoy said the collection would be advertised selectively with her retail partners.
The fragrances will be displayed on McEvoy counters on a thick lucite block. As part of the sampling program, miniature purse sprays are distributed at the counter.
McEvoy doesn’t plan to stop with nine fragrances.
“This is just the beginning of the moods and fragrances I want to capture. It will be an ongoing, evolving collection,” she promised.

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