It was a Tiger Beat reader’s dream come true: Chris Klein and Josh Hartnett, Hollywood’s latest contribution to the collective fantasy of 11-year-old girls everywhere, sharing the red carpet at Wednesday night’s Los Angeles premiere of “Here on Earth.”
Leelee Sobieski, who towered over the crowd in six-inch heels and a pencil-thin white Richard Tyler suit, brought a dose of severe — and decidedly grown-up — glamour to the distaff side, despite her mere 17 years.
After slapping a salacious, wet-lipped smirk onto her role in “Eyes Wide Shut,” Sobieski now plays a young girl torn at heart between a churlish prepster from school, played by Klein, and a boy from her home town, played by Hartnett.
“It’s not just an ‘Oh my God, what are your wearing?’ kind of teen movie,” she insisted. “It’s a teen movie with substance.”
The following night in New York, young patrons of the Metropolitan Opera — Kanavoses, Ocampos, Gettys and Barnetts among them — gathered for a performance of Franz Lehar’s “The Merry Widow,” followed by dinner on the Grand Tier.
Much of the crowd was surprised to find the operetta performed in a new English translation, and more than a few admitted to thinking of Gilbert and Sullivan as the singers took the stage.
“But Gilbert and Sullivan were the Hall & Oates of their time,” said Bettina Zilkha. “This is the real thing.”

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