Byline: Anita J. Finkelstein

When groups of young, hip Atlantans start heading to The Four Seasons hotel to eat and drink, it gets noticed. Park 75, the newly redone bar and restaurant inside the hotel, is what is attracting them. Something about the place has created a buzz. Some claim it’s the great martinis, or its recent Mobil five-star rating. Others say it is its central location, right in midtown, the current hot spot for restaurants and bars.
The most obvious reason, though, is simple: For a hotel restaurant, the place is far from stuffy.
The management is hoping the buzz continues, and is holding monthly events like wine tastings and chef’s table dinners to ensure it does.
“We actually want people to stay the evening, to table-hop and to go into the bar after dinner,” explained Amanda Lester, director of public relations.
Chef Paul Vosika’s attitude matches the warm energy of the place as well. One of his favorite quotes, “Cooking comes from the heart,” is kept posted on the kitchen wall.
As long as he keeps items like macaroni and cheese tossed with shrimp and crab, and coddled salmon with sour cream, potatoes and beluga caviar, Park 75’s current status probably will be safe.

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