NEW YORK — The Prescriptives Magic collection is living up to its name.
The line of light-diffusing products has been a “phenomenal success,” said Anne Carullo, vice president of marketing and product development worldwide for Prescriptives.
Originally, industry sources expected the line to do $20 million at retail for 2000, but now the talk is that Magic could do $40 million.
The six Magic stockkeeping units, which were launched in December, quickly flew out of stores, surprising retailers and Prescriptives executives and boosting the brand’s overall sales.
“Magic has captured the imagination and interest of the customer and it has had a halo effect over all our categories,” Carullo noted. “In one week we sold out of items we thought would last six weeks.”
At Bergdorf Goodman, the Magic products have done so well that they represent 25 percent of the current Prescriptives business, according to Pat Saxby, divisional merchandise manager for cosmetics and fragrances.
“Our Prescriptives business is on fire,” said Saxby. “The Magic products sold out immediately and we had a huge waiting list. The great thing about Magic is that it’s an add-on category. It doesn’t replace other products. The customers love it because it really works for any age and any skin type. Plus, it’s fun.”
Magic’s magic is working at Saks Fifth Avenue as well. “Magic has reenergized the brand,” said Deborah Walters, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of fragrances and cosmetics at Saks. “This is the best trend with Prescriptives that we’ve seen in several years.”
Carullo thinks the national advertising campaign — which features a girl holding a glowing orb in her hand — piqued people’s interest and helped drive them to the counter. “Most of the beauty-advertising imagery is very straightforward, but this was very different,” she said.
And now the Magic continues with 17 new sku’s.
“When we developed Magic, we did almost two years’ worth of concepts,” said Carullo. “We never set out to develop it as one set of products.”
Magic I, she continued, was inspired by lighting effects and master painters. “The first collection was about the manipulation of light,” she explained. “The second is about the manipulation of shadow effects.”
The next round of products will hit counters in May and includes:
Highlight, a shimmery liquid in a 0.20-ounce vial. Available in three shades, it will retail for $15.
Concealing Wands and Corrector Wands, which are part of a customized concealing system. Two wands can be locked together to create one double-sided pencil. There are four concealers and four correctors. Wands will retail for $25 for two, and they can be customized at the counter. The white pencil can be purchased alone for $14.
Diffusion Liners, which will come in three shades: light, medium and deep. Each will retail for $18.
Liquid Powder in two new shades: red neutralizer and gray neutralizer. They will retail for $30.
Another set of Magic products will be launched in the fall, and a fourth set in early spring 2001.

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