Byline: Faye Brookman

NEW YORK — Skin care is the latest idea from English Ideas Ltd.
The company, best known for Lip Last, a patented product that prevents lipstick from feathering, will start shipping its two-part system this week.
One portion is called Homebodies — triangular columns designed to hold the products stored at home. The second is called Go-Go Portables, which feature the same insert as the original bottle, but can be fit into the holder or taken out for refill or travel.
“This is the first refillable skin care line,” said Rebecca Pflueger, president and chief executive officer of English Ideas. She added that the unique packaging has earned the interest of Sephora, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Sephora’s executive vice president of merchandising and marketing Steve Bock added, “The packaging is wonderfully creative and innovative. The products will have great appeal to our customer.”
The line is especially designed for open sell, added Pflueger. “With open sell a growing trend, packaging becomes an even greater selling tool. Our design strategy was to visually lure the consumer to the display by being clearly different.” The grouping of the triangular shapes creates a display in themselves, and large benefit statements are printed along the side of the packages.
Pflueger admitted there is already a plethora of skin care options available. “Why another skin care line? I have bad skin, and like many women today, I’m educated about my skin. I saw a need for a clean, simple and easy line,” explained Pflueger.
All products in the line have what she called Intelligent Molecule System or IMS, a process created by the company to self-adjust to the moisture needs of skin. “The system responds to the individual skin’s needs by working with its own pH as it changes in a day or a month — as well as seasonally,” she said. Pflueger added the line is designed to work for both men and women.
While English Ideas has appealed to an older, more traditional market, Pflueger hopes the skin care will attract a younger audience, too. “We are not going for the corrective anti-aging business. We are targeting the ‘going places’ 20-to-40-year-old consumer,” she said.
To make it simple, product names explain benefits. They include, Clean Matters, a cleanser; I Do It All, a toner, and Moisture Xpert, a moisture emulsion. There are also products for oil-control, skin lightening, exfoliating and other common skin care problems.
Prices range from $19 for the portable containers up to $50 for a 60-ml. pump of Moisture Xpert.

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