NEW YORK — Gen Art, that patron to young designers everywhere, held its second annual International Design Competition on Tuesday. Sponsored by Nokia at the Metropolitan Pavilion, the presentation was fuss-free, a far cry from last year’s lavish production.
This year’s winners were Liz Collins for her slashed knit eveningwear; Wolves designer Joyce Lo for her feminine, playful sportswear; Eccentric Attire by Cat Chow for her red and silver striped strapless gown in the avant garde category; Jordan Betten’s Lost Art leather men’s wear line, and an absent Kenny Hwang for accessories. The winners walked away with $5,000 prizes.
The judges included designers Jill Stuart, Kate Spade, Randolph Duke, Normal Kamali and Todd Oldham; retailer Linda Dresner; editor Hal Rubenstein; photographer Dah Len, and “Sex in the City” stylist Patricia Field. Initially, a panel of stylists and editors had reviewed submissions from over 300 applicants worldwide, whittling the list down to five finalists per category.
With the help of their prize money, last year’s winners, Meredith Kahn, Sergio Duque and Anne Hung, went on to either launch collections or open boutiques.