Byline: Alev Aktar

NEW YORK — Do all great minds think pink? They evidently do in magazine circles.
The editors swear it’s a coincidence, but the April issues of Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire look stunningly alike. All feature primarily pink covers and sexy celebrities who are — you guessed it — pretty in pink. The surprisingly similar cover lines add to the deja-vu factor.
Marie Claire trumpets advice on “How to be the sexiest woman in the room” while Cosmo urges readers to “Unleash your inner seductress.” Glamour lays out “The dos and don’ts of dating,” while Marie Claire explains “What men look for in women.”
As for the plethora of pink, magazine honchos explained it’s a big spring fashion trend and, very importantly, pops on newsstands. Of course, it’s less likely to pop when the competition is the same color, but editors pointed out that each magazine has a distinct personality.
Glenda Bailey, editor in chief at Marie Claire, went so far as to say that pink is one of the magazine’s trademarks. “Our hugely successful May 1999 issue with Ashley Judd was pink-on-pink,” she noted. “It’s part of our formula to have bright, vibrant color. A lot of editors looked at that formula and are emulating that look all over the marketplace.”
“I don’t think that anybody has the exclusive on bright covers,” chuckled Bonnie Fuller, editor in chief at Glamour. “I’m not thrilled when this happens,” she admitted. “But I have confidence that Glamour will stand out on its own and will grab the readers that look for it and love it.”
Kate White, editor in chief of Cosmopolitan, was on vacation, but publisher, Susan D. Plagemann, spoke in her stead. “Our readers are color blind — all they’re looking for is Cosmo,” said Plagemann. “We don’t anticipate any fall-off at all.”
The pink troika has one more thing in common: Bonnie Fuller has edited all three. She must be tickled pink.

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