TREBAY TO TIMES: The New York Times has finally filled the Anne Marie Schiro job. Guy Trebay, a veteran columnist at the Village Voice, will be filling the fashion reporter slot left empty by Schiro’s retirement last year. Trebay has been at the Voice about 20 years.
Trip Gabriel, the Times’s fashion news editor, said Trebay’s job isn’t a carbon of Schiro’s, though. “He won’t be doing the little box,” Gabriel noted, referring to By Design, the late Tuesday shopping feature. Trebay will be writing fashion features and covering shows in New York and Europe.
“He’s been cast a bit against type in this job,” said Gabriel, “but I know he’s got the reporting skill, the intelligence and the cultural awareness to bring a great, different way of covering fashion to the Times.”
In another development, Gabriel noted that freelance writer Ruth LaFerla — former men’s style editor at the New York Times Magazine — is rejoining the publication. LaFerla, who has freelanced in recent years at various publications including Elle and the Times, will be joining the Sunday Styles staff full time starting next month.

YOUNG TO INSTYLE: Shawn Young, creative director of Mirabella since 1998, has been named design director at InStyle. He succeeds Paul Roelofs, who left the magazine. Roberta Myers, editor in chief of Mirabella, said, “a permanent successor to Young hasn’t been named yet, but we plan to name one soon.”

TEEN TOONS: In its March issue, Cracked magazine parodies Teen People, the chart-busting teen title. Called “Toon People,” the issue gives its own spin to Teen People’s section headings, Star Tracks, Teen Spotting and Star Flashback, and calls them “Toon Tracks,” “Toonspotting” and “Toon Flashback.”
Cracked also makes fun of one of Teen People’s big advertisers, Tommy Hilfiger. It carries a fake ad for “Tummy Jeans” that shows a boy with a pot belly and the tagline: “S-T-R-E-T-C-H denim for the growing toon,” with a fake Hilfiger flag that says, “Tummy Hillfigure.”
“We thought it was hilarious,” said Anne Kallin Zehren, publisher of Teen People. “It’s really in the spirit of the magazine. The brand has become ensconced into teen pop culture.”
Dick Kulpa, editor of Cracked, said that the issue was published under the magazine’s old regime. However, he noted, “Like most of the satires, we’re aiming for that particular [teenage] crowd. We do that all the time. We’re a humor magazine and we’ve got to do our best to stay funny.”

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