Byline: Miles Socha

NEW YORK — Miguel Adrover, New York’s hottest and most underfinanced designer, can’t even afford to buy all the magazines that have published features on him this month — let alone pay his many collaborators.
Still, that hasn’t prevented him from attracting top talent. On Monday, Adrover disclosed that he has hired Alexander McQueen’s most senior assistant, Sebastian Pons, to join his design team.
“I had an offer from Valentino which I turned down because I wanted to go to Miguel so badly,” said Pons, a boyhood acquaintance of Adrover’s, from the same small village in Majorca. “After working for Alexander, I couldn’t go work for Ralph or Valentino. For me, it’s a step forward to come to America, where people invest money in fashion.”
While a flurry of offers have poured in to Adrover on the strength of his first two collections, he has yet to conclude a deal with a backer.
As reported, he is negotiating with Pegasus Apparel Group, a fledgling fashion conglomerate headed by industry veteran Stephen L. Ruzow, which has already taken a majority stake in Pamela Dennis and is in hot pursuit of Daryl Kerrigan of Daryl K, Cynthia Rowley and John Bartlett, among others. Sources said Adrover has also been contacted by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
Asked why he would move to such an underfinanced house, Pons, 27, replied: “It’s not only about finance. It’s a great opportunity. We want to work. We want to do something. Finance will come later. In the beginning, we have strength.”
Pons recalled that Adrover, who is seven years his senior, used to hang around with his cousin when he was a boy, and he remembered him as a “wild guy” into unusual fashions and music.
“He’s been my source of inspiration,” Pons said.
Pons was among the tight group of friends who helped mount Adrover’s breakthrough fall show.
Adrover, himself a McQueen collaborator over the past few years, described Pons as his best friend and someone who shares his point of view on society and design to such a degree that they often needn’t communicate their thoughts.
“We have a really good friendship, a really good connection,” Adrover said.
At Alexander McQueen, Pons oversaw the women’s and men’s collections, under McQueen’s direction, and also worked with the British designer on Givenchy over the past four years, a McQueen spokeswoman said.
Sarah Heard, a McQueen assistant who had been in charge of licensed products and denim, has assumed Pons’s duties.