As fans gathered outside the theater for Thursday night’s Hollywood premiere of “28 Days,” Dominic West was busy describing his first encounter with the star of the film, Sandra Bullock.
“She’s so sexy that I was nervous at first,” he said with a touch of English-schoolboy shyness. “Frankly, I fancied her.”
Shedding her wholesome image, Bullock plays an alcoholic writer sentenced to 28 days in rehab after a wild bender. The actress missed the premiere on account of a death in the family, but Matt Damon, Selma Blair, Steve Buscemi, Rosanna Arquette and co-star Azura Skye all turned up to toast the film.
On the same night in New York, scores of women in cheongsams and silk jackets crowded into Shanghai Tang for a party to kick off the new boutique.
Kadee Robbins, Serena Boardman and Arriana von Hohenlohe trekked upstairs to check out the fortune teller — and passed Laurence Fishburne along the way.
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos ran into Rena Sindi during a cigarette break alongside Ghislaine Maxwell.
“That was fun the other day, wasn’t it?” Kanavos asked Sindi.
She was referring to “The Little People’s Disco Dance,” a party at Doubles, the private club on Fifth Avenue, where both women took their toddlers to learn to boogie to the soundtrack of “Saturday Night Fever.”