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The Right Honourable and Mrs. Brian Mulroney are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Caroline Anne to Mr. Andrew Polk Lapham, with the wedding to take place in Westmount, Quebec, on the 16th of September. The Right Honourable is the former Prime Minister of Canada, and Mrs. Mulroney, the beautiful Mila, was a memorable First Lady. Daughter Caroline is also beautiful, and Andrew, the bridegroom-to-be, is handsome. They’ll all make a pretty picture at the wedding, and that’s a fact. More about all this later.

In her new flick, Sandra Bullock plays a hip New York writer whose successful career takes a dive when she’s sentenced to “28 Days” (the name of the movie) for drunk driving. Bullock’s been determined for some time to shed her goody-two-shoes image, and it looks like she’s getting her wish. “I actually got a little bored playing the sweet, cute girl who just has boyfriend problems. I don’t want to play the nicest girl in the world whose life gets even better,” she says. “I don’t want to be the prom queen. That comes easy, and I don’t want to do what’s easy.” Okay, okay, okay!
In the slam dunk Columbia picture, Bullock’s bad habits may get her 28 days in the slammer, but in real life she’s as down-to-earth and no-nonsense as any mega million movie star can be. Can you believe that her hobbies include rock climbing and renovating property? “You should see my tool collection,” she says. “It looks like I’m becoming the man I always wanted to marry.” There goes the cleavage.
Sandra also loves to dance when she isn’t working. “I’m pretty good at the tango,” she says. “For me, dancing is like sex because it makes you feel good all over.” Sandra dear, thank you for sharing.
Anyhow, Viggo Mortensen, who had a pulsating affair with Gwyneth Paltrow in “A Perfect Murder” and sold more than blouses to Diane Lane in “A Walk on the Moon,” is the man who sets his sights on sassy Sandra in the movie. Did you know that Viggo is also a writer whose book of poetry, “Ten Last Nights,” is in stores now? Who else would tell you these things?

Oh, and speaking of dancing, Angelina Jolie has been reporting to the set of her new MGM picture, “Dancing in the Dark,” now filming in Mexico. If not exactly clutching the Oscar she won for Best Supporting Actress, she is nonetheless filled with incredible joie de vivre — and anyone who saw her performance at the Academy Awards knows she really knows her joie de vivre. She is thrilled with her co-stars, including Antonio Banderas, her role and the screenplay of “D in the D,” a sexy romantic thriller set in the exotic world of Cuba in the late 1800s. It’s all about the lethal power of love. Antonio plays a rich coffee merchant who decides to take for himself a mail-order bride. He sends away for a plain American wife and gets — Angelina Jolie, lips and all. (Oh, you guessed!)

Emily Mortimer, the beautiful, rising young star who costars in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming 1930s musical take on Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labours Lost,” is back from England, where she filmed “The Kid” with Bruce Willis. Emily says they’ll probably change the name of the movie to avoid confusion with other similarly named movies. Now there’s a scoop! Alicia Silverstone is also in “LLL.” Alicia is said to have a wacky sense of humor. Example: “I studied Shakespeare when I was in school — but I never met him.” Oh, hahahahaha. Is that wacky or wacko?
Everybody wants to be a comedian. Gorgeous Carmen Ejogo, another actress in “LLL,” is half-Scottish and half-Nigerian and has two theories as to the origin of her first name. “One is that I was named after the opera — and the other is that my mom was sitting in her boudoir one day wondering what to call me and glanced at her Carmen rollers….I prefer the Bizet theory.” Sharp girl. Any theories about Ejogo?

Reese Witherspoon, that fine actress, is set to star in and produce “Slow Motion,” the tale of a college student who’s seduced by her roommate’s father. A female version of “The Graduate”? Or “Risky Business”? Or “American Beauty II”? Oh, well.

Princess Margaret stopped off in New York on her way from Mustique, that isle of joy, to London. The princess is in fine fettle — she just loves the swimming in Mustique — and only the stick she sometimes uses is a reminder of the health problems she’s had. She was the center of attention at Khalil Rizk’s dinner party for Prince Pierre d’Arenberg chez lui, and it’s rather fun to see her American friends pay court.

Many of the same grupetto turned up for another dinner at Lee Thaw’s Park Avenue maisonette, where the hostess wore an ice-blue satin dinner suit by Oscar de la Renta and there were titles to burn — Marchese and Marchesa Alberto Berlingieri, here from Venice for the Venetian Heritage festivities; Baron and Baroness Andres von Zadora Gerlof; Count Marc de Gontaut-Biron; Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia; Princess Claudia Ruspoli, like that. Then there was the new Italian Ambassador to the United Nations, Sergio Vento, and his wife; Tiffany Dubin; Anne Cox Chambers with William Banks; Anne Bass; Bettina Zilkha; Daisy and Paul Soros; Kenneth Jay Lane; Kathy and Bill Rayner; Marina and Francesco Galesi; Larry Lovett and his sister-in-law, Betsy Lovett; Ana Cristina Alvarado; Mary McFadden; Pete Hathaway, and on and on into the night.

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