NEW YORK — Some boys kissed her, some boys hugged her…and now Madonna’s in a motherly way again.
With the Oscars out of the way, and Giorgio Armani having scored a coup by dressing nine-months-pregnant Annette Bening, talk in the fashion world has turned to who will dress the Material Girl — and what her second maternity wardrobe should look like. Madonna, who was impregnated by movie director Guy Ritchie, has been spotted in her first trimester wearing Michael Kors — specifically, a fuchsia leather trenchcoat, to the premiere of “The Next Best Thing.” That’s got Kors beaming like a proud father, naturally, and the designer said he’d love to see Madonna continue to wear his clothes.
“The return of tailoring this season makes it a perfect moment to be pregnant,” he beamed.
But Madonna’s getting bigger by the day, so WWD asked designers to offer a few pointers.
“Madonna will look wonderful in anything she wears,” said Anna Sui. “But I think a great look for pregnancy would be an 18th-century-inspired white cotton blouse over a long flowy skirt.”
Very “La Isla Bonita.”
Most designers concurred that comfort should be a factor, and urged Madonna to stay loose.
“Now everyone is wearing Lycra when they are pregnant, but I think that looks really bad,” said Carolina Herrera. “I would advise her to wear something loose. She’s not like Jennifer Lopez.”
But Randolph Duke, who clings to celebrities like a sequined dress, was opposed to such a notion. Preggers can’t be choosers, you know.
“This whole idea of hiding, I don’t think we’re into that anymore,” he said. “I’ve always said, ‘If you can’t hide it, decorate it.’
And you can’t hide a watermelon.”
Others had simpler suggestions. Newcomer Miguel Adrover said, “I think she should wear a frock dress by John Galliano.” James Mischka of Badgley Mischka wanted to give Madonna this hint: “I don’t think it’s about corsets anymore.”
And while Dolce & Gabbana, Douglas Hannant, Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Tam each submitted sketches for the Madonna-with-child wearing massive stilettos, Matt Nye was somewhat more merciful. “At this stage in her life, it’s really about comfort and practicality…I don’t think she’ll do anything different,” Nye said. “She’ll wear a mix of what’s already in her wardrobe and what she feels best in. To me, that translates into great sweaters, slacks — things she’s already wearing.”
Victor Alfaro said Madonna tended to wear whatever was in fashion, regardless of her physical condition. “I would give her great, sexy dresses in really beautiful, uplifting colors. That’s what she loves all the time.”
Marc Bouwer asked whether she was looking for a special occasion or an everyday sort of affair. “Where’s the party?” as Madonna says.
“I like when women are pregnant to be able to see their shape,” Bouwer said. “It’s an extraordinary thing the body goes through. Your child is developing, so why not let the world see it already?”
Nicole Miller suggested Madonna resurrect her crucifix earrings and jewelry since it shows “her ironic humor about her virginal self.”
Bouwer said to give those toys to Lourdes to play with.
“She should work it,” added Douglas Hannant. “She shouldn’t end up looking like she has that dowdy thing pregnant women often have, so she should keep the legs slim and wear something loose over the top, but not too long, because that’s when it looks really bad.”
Liz Lange, a maternity wear designer whose celebrity client list includes Cindy Crawford, Josie Bissett, Kelly Preston and Joan Cusack, added, “I definitely don’t see Madonna in an A-line dress. I see her in something tight-fitting, like boot-cut pants with a short T-shirt that shows a little bit of her belly.”
Even the Gap, which launched a maternity line online this month, has plans for Madonna. “Madonna is so into being a mom right now,” said a spokeswoman for the company. “We see her in something casual, yet stylish.”
Pumpkin Wentzel, another maternity designer who has dressed Molly Ringwald and Kelly Preston, had this expert advice: “Madonna is superbuff and has great arms. That’s why I think she should wear sleeveless shirts. She also has this rich hippie-chic look. I think she would look good in suede pants and a flowing silk georgette top…When you’re pregnant, you got to use what you got left.”

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