NEW YORK — Over 50 innerwear executives and members of the Intimate Apparel Square Club turned out for a “Meet the Honorees” cocktail party recently at the Water Club here.
The recipients of the annual 2000 HUG (Help Us Give) awards include Hal J. Upbin, president, chairman and chief executive officer of St. Louis-based apparel firm Kellwood Co., and Dr. Matthew H.M. Lee, chairman of the Rusk Institute, who will receive a Special Achievement Award.
A gala cocktail and dinner party is set for May 17 at the New York Hilton, where the IAC expects attendance at the annual event will be a record high. The organization’s goal will be to raise $6 million this year for a new pediatric wing at Rusk Institute’s New York University Medical Center.
The prestigious industry award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding community service, as well as leadership in the business world.
Upbin noted, “We are fully committed to helping the Intimate Apparel Square Club work towards their goal of raising $6 million for the new pediatric wing. It means the difference between adequate care and great care for the children.
“We speak of megabrands in the apparel industry. You could say that Rusk is the megabrand of pediatric rehabilitation, the model for the rest of the world.”
Upbin added that Kellwood will contribute “substantially” to the cause.
So far, a little over $200,000 has been raised this year, said Matthew Goldstein, an account executive at Guilford Mills and an IAC member.
“We’ve raised over $3 million over the past several years,” said Goldstein, noting that he anticipates the IAC will successfully raise the target sum. “This year should be a blockbuster year for us. We expect close to 900 attendees at the dinner.”
The IAC has been a longtime contributor to the pediatric unit, traditionally staging parties for children who are critically ill. The three main events are an Easter party and two Christmas-Chanukah parties where clowns are featured, as well as a band playing holiday tunes, and a favorite snack for the kids — Big Macs and fries. The holiday parties are hosted both in December and in July for terminally ill children.
Stephanie George, president of Women’s Wear Daily Worldwide, will also receive a HUG award at the testimonial dinner.

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