Byline: Jessica Kerwin

A bad dress is one thing. But true disaster awaits those ill-equipped for last-minute emergencies. That small evening bag starts to look microscopic against the magnitude of Oscar night when so much can go awry — a run stocking, a loose hem, lint, a migraine, sweat, tears, blisters, you name it.
“I think if you asked women to open their purses you’d be surprised by what you’d find,” said Melody Korenbrot, the publicist charged with ushering Catherine Deneuve through the evening’s events this year. “They have chocolate bars, peanuts, asprin, minature bottles of liquor. Many women start to get ready at noon and they don’t get food until 8:30 or 9 at night. You’re going to need a little extra oomph.”
Then, of course, there are speech notes and good luck charms.
This year, Motorola hoped to find its way inside the little bags and tux pockets of the 25 nominees. The company sent the first V series cell phones available in North America to the group. Each is the size of a Matchbox car and is Internet-ready.
But to Troy Nankin, the BWR publicist who would escort Hilary Swank on the big night, Oscar-preparedness means one thing. Altoids.

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