The inauguration of Paris’s Four Seasons Hotel George V — complete with two displays of fireworks and a high-wire act — drew a host of high flyers and partygoers including Anne de Bourbon Sicile, Bettina Graziani, Jacques Tajan, Philomene D’Arenberg, Olivier Dassault and assorted Lanvins, Lacostes and Patous.
The party’s excess provided the backdrop for some fashion world diplomacy, as designer Gilles Dufour, recently dismissed from the house of Balmain, sat just a table away from Balmain managing director Giorgina Brandolini.
As the dinner guests dispersed and women began plucking huge fuchsia orchids to use as hair ornaments on the dance floor, one reveler left with a tiny chip on her shoulder.
“I’m very angry with them,” huffed Doris Brynner afterwards. “I asked for the recipe for the chestnut mousse and truffle entree, and they wouldn’t give it to me.”
If Philippe Legendre disappointed Brynner with his “non,” the former chef at Taillevent — stolen away to run the hotel’s Le Cinq restaurant — thrilled the rest of his audience with a multicourse meal that led Brynner, in the end, to admit, “It was the best food I’ve ever had.”