By the time the Three Graces made their graceless entrance and the rump-thumping satyrs pranced onstage in leather thongs and nipple rings, it was clear that Friday night’s performance of “Platee” at the New York State Theater was not an ordinary night at the opera.
The gala performance, chaired by Mikhail Baryshnikov, Samantha Boardman, Michael Kors and Anna Wintour, benefited the Mark Morris Dance Group.
“Look, I think that’s hair,” Ira von Furstenberg said as she pointed to what looked like thick black tufts swirling about the satyrs’ thighs.
“No, I think they’re tattoos,” Dixon Boardman countered.
The opera, by Jean-Philippe Rameau, tells the fable of Platee, the queen of the swamp in dowager pearls and a green lorgnette who is tricked into believing that Jupiter loves her. Isaac Mizrahi’s costumes were the toast of the night. The designer, who has often collaborated with Mark Morris, pointed out that his costumes weren’t meant to evoke any particular era or style.
“They’re not post-modern, or post-post-modern,” he said. “They’re just friendly and funny.”
And a little bit disco — in the case of a white catsuit encrusted with mirrors.
“It’s Grace Jones in St. Moritz,” said Anne McNally, who looked decidedly more St. Tropez in her Gucci head wrap.
Nina Griscom and Frankie Rayder were scolded for lighting their cigarettes indoors during intermission, but no such restriction applied to the after-party. The sound system finally got cranking at midnight, and Rena Sindi, Serena Boardman and Kadee Robbins took the floor.
As the crowd began to thin, the girls decided to head down to Moomba. Great minds must have thought alike — because in walked Puff Daddy as the hour crept past two.