A heavy week of parties began Monday night when Minnie Driver, looking every bit the blooming debutante, strode down the red carpet into Los Angeles’s Century Club after the premiere of her latest film, “Return to Me.”
Driver joined her co-star, David Duchovney, plus Tea Leoni, Mimi Rogers and Olivia Williams, who arrived on the arm of her “Rushmore” student, Jason Schwartzberg. Driver’s character spends most of the movie hiding a heart-transplant scar from her boyfriend, played by Duchovney, until she discovers that her new heart belonged to Duchovney’s deceased wife.
“My friends keep joking, ‘Oh, come on. Your shirt would have come off long before that,”‘ Driver said.
Across town, Bret Easton Ellis was finishing up the last leg of his “Glamorama” book tour with a reading at the Chateau Marmont for Barnes & Noble.com’s Lounge Series.
Although Ellis has always written about the seamier side of life in L.A., a few of his friends may have gasped when one of its icons, Heidi Fliess, walked in. She said she couldn’t resist the chance to toast the author.
“After all, I’m a part of the ‘Less Than Zero’ generation.” On Tuesday night, a mob assembled outside Lot 61 in New York for the party following the premiere of “Black and White.”
Those who made it inside could find the iconic faces of three decades standing only a few feet apart: Farrah Fawcett, Brooke Shields and Claudia Schiffer.
Before the screening, friends of Robert Downey Jr., who costars in “Black and White” with Shields, protested the actor’s imprisonment on drug charges. More than a few people pointed out that in a cast that also includes Mike Tyson, Shields was one of the only players without a criminal record.
“There’s still time for that,” she said.